Dcn. David Arling    Deacon   d.arling@nool.us

Dcn. David Arling



My name is Deacon Dave and I have been residing in Broomfield since 2007. I am married to Marianne and am the father of three adult children. A native of Dayton, Ohio, I was educated in Cincinnati, graduating with a BA in Philosophy and English from The Athenaeum of Ohio, the Archdiocesan seminary, where I learned Latin as well. I earned an MA in English Literature from St. Louis University and am a certified Secondary English and Latin teacher in Missouri.

I have taught in Ohio and Colorado on the college level, including at Regis University. I am a retired educator for the State of Colorado, having taught high school English for eleven years in youth correctional facilities. I have also worked as a journalist and advertising manager for the Diocese of Pueblo newspaper. Six years ago, my son and I started a family sideline making hand-painted outdoor Nativity panels. It has expanded into a nonprofit called Angel Haus Inc., which produces a variety of indoor and outdoor religious art and enables the disabled by providing them seasonal employment.

I was ordained as a deacon in June 2017 for the Archdiocese of Denver. As my first assignment is to Nativity, I am very grateful to be of service to the wonderful people of this parish. I also have a special ministry to those in jails and prisons, including the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility in Aurora.

I enjoy films, sci-fi, thrillers, GK Chesterton, American history, and travel, especially pilgrimages, and my favorite city is “the Eternal City,” Rome.