Fr. Accursio Ciaccio, FSCB    Associate Pastor  303-469-5171

Fr. Accursio Ciaccio, FSCB

Associate Pastor


My name is Fr. Accursio Ciaccio and I am the associate pastor of Nativity.

I was born in Milan, Italy in 1976. When I was a kid, I was very struck by the life and faith of the parochial vicar of my parish, who ended up becoming a missionary priest in Argentina. In time this made me desire to follow the same path, but not as a diocesan priest.

After meeting the movement of Communion and Liberation, two things were very clear to me. First, that to belong to CL was the way through which I would belong to Christ; secondly, that I desired to share my life with friends, in real communion.

Meanwhile I started to study computer engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan. Before finishing my studies, though, everything had become very clear. In my years in college I had come to know closely the Fraternity of St. Charles Borromeo. It seemed like the Holy Spirit had created this order to fulfill my every desire: priests who live a common life in small communities—called houses—within the charism of CL. In September 2001, I joined the Fraternity of St. Charles.

I was ordained a deacon in June 2007 and was assigned to a house in Massachusetts, with Fr. Michael. The following year I became a priest, and since 2009 we have been in Colorado, where they opened a house here in Broomfield.