Stewardship is a way of saying “yes” to the new relationship with God that Jesus brings us. The acceptance of our belonging to God, our creator, has its greatest indication in the way we live in relationship with one another and with material things. Each year during the fall, Nativity executes a stewardship initiative, during which we invite parishioners to make pledges of prayer, time and talent, and treasure. If you missed this year’s initiative or would like to learn more, please see below details and for the pledge cards.



To make your 2019 commitment to prayer and faith, time and talent, and/or treasure, click on one of the images below. You will be directed to an online form to make your pledge.


PRAYEr & faith

Since stewardship is fundamentally about our relationship with God, prayer and faith are integral components. Without a committed prayer and faith life, our gifts of time, talent, and treasure become empty gestures. Flowing from serious prayer, however, they become outward signs of our personal encounter with the Living God.


While we jump very quickly to think about the monetary implications of living out stewardship, they are by no means the only areas of our life where the call to stewardship echoes the call of Christ to discipleship. The use of our time and our talents are also a vital part of living this new relationship that Christ has brought into the world.

For ways to share your time and talent with the Church, click here:



Stewardship also consists of giving monetarily. As a tithing community, Nativity gives to charity one tenth of the offertory we receive. We invite our parishioners to give in this way as well by pledging a certain amount to Nativity each month or year. We suggest giving five percent, but we encourage you to start with whatever you can give. The other five percent, the so-called ‘second pocket,’ is for all the other needs and charities that appeal to us.

With questions, contact:
Diane Denfeld
303-469-5171, ext. 106


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